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B4Free News

Atelier B 4.0 is available !

Atelier B ClearSy has the pleasure to announce the release of Atelier B 4.0 This version comes with a brand new mode of distribution :

Among the main improvements of the tool :

  • New supported operating systems: Mac OS X and Windows (in addition to Linux and Solaris)
  • New graphical interface including:
    • the integration of the parallelisor (tasks are distributed over networked computers)
    • a redesigned proof interface
    • an editor with navigation and automatic completion
  • Integration of the well-definedness proof obligations
  • Addition of an automatic refiner tool (BART)

Download Atelier B.


The new version of Atelier B is in beta test...

Atelier B More informations about Atelier B 4.0 on our website : the download is free... (more informations...)




The ComenC Translator with B4Free...

ComenC The C ComenC translator is now provided with B4free. The ComenC translator is a new translator for B language and allows for B0 implementations to be translated into C language. This translator is a result of a convergence between industrial translators and research works.

In comparison to prior translators, the ComenC translator offers a simple translator for a more efficient code, closer to the original B0.


The B4Free Web Site changes...

The B4Free Web Site changes... And its mode of distribution too. Now, the B4Free tool will be accessible to any interested party.

The download is easy : to use B4Free at no cost, you must send your email address to activate the application on the Download Page.