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Installation Instructions for Linux System

Download the Software

Install B4free

  • Go to the directory where B4free should be installed into.
    For example: cd /home/dupont
  • Give the file execution permission.
    For example: chmod +x B4free-Vx.x-date-system.sh
  • Run the B4free script
    For example: ./B4free-Vx.x-date-system.sh
  • Installation Results
    The directory 'B4free-Vx.x' is created.
    It contains some files including the binary file 'bbatch' and the resource file 'B4free.rc'.

Verify Installation

  • Go into the B4free directory
    For example: cd /home/dupont/B4free-Vx.x
  • Start B4free with the command line
    ./bbatch -r=./B4free.rc
  • If the installation is ok, you should see:
    Beginning interpretation...

    Then enter 'q' to exit.
  • If the installation is KO, you should get 'bbatch' usage message:
    Usage : bbatch [-I] [-b] [-i=CommandFile] [-f=OutputFile]
    Example : bbatch -r=/home/B4free/B4free.rc
    '-I' Print compilation information and exit
    '-i=' Batch command file (default: stdin)
    '-r=' B4free resource file (e.g., /home/B4free/B4free.rc),
    '-f=' Batch output file (default: stdout)
  • Then reinstall B4free or contact webmaster@B4free.com